BYLAWS OF WICHITA CHAPTER, MILITARY OFFICERS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA (ADOPTED 23 APRIL 1993) (AMENDED 20 MAY 1994, 28 APRIL 1995, 3 MARCH 2003, 25 JANUARY 2004, 24 JANUARY 2010 & 14 SEPTEMBER 2012) ARTICLE I – NAME The name of this organization shall be "Wichita Chapter, The Military Officers Association of America", hereinafter referred to as the chapter.  ARTICLE II – PURPOSES The chapter's purposes shall be to promote the purposes and objectives of The Military Officers Association of America, to foster fraternal relations among retired, active  and former officers of the uniformed services and their dependants and survivors, to provide useful services for members and their dependants and survivors, and to  serve the community and the nation.  ARTICLE III – STATUS SECTION 1: The chapter shall be a nonprofit organization, operated only for the purposes specified in  Article II  above.  SECTION 2: Officers and appointed officials shall not receive compensation for services, but may be reimbursed for expenses incurred in the performance of their  duties. SECTION 3: Nothing herein shall constitute members of the chapter as partners for any purpose.  No member, officer or agent of the chapter shall be liable for the acts  or failures to act on the part of any other member, officer or agent.  SECTION 4: The chapter shall use its funds only for the purposes specified in Article II above, and no part of said funds shall inure or be distributed to members.  SECTION 5: Upon dissolution of the chapter, after payment of all debts, the remaining assets shall be given to a nonprofit organization with purposes and objectives similar to those of the chapter, to be selected by the executive board.     ARTICLE IV – MEMBERSHIP SECTION 1: Chapter membership shall be of three classes:   (a) REGULAR MEMBERS - Men and women who are or have been commissioned and warrant officers of the seven uniformed services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine  Corps, Coast Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Public Health Service), or the reserve or other components of those services, who have paid  the current annual dues.   (b) AUXILIARY MEMBERS - A widow or widower of a deceased regular member or of a deceased individual who would have been eligible for membership as a regular  member, who has paid the current annual dues.  The widow or widower of a member whose dues have been paid for the current fiscal year shall automatically become  an auxiliary member for the remainder of said fiscal year.    (c) HONORARY MEMBERS - Individuals who have rendered exemplary service to the chapter or to the country.  An honorary member shall be entitled to all of the  privileges of membership except those of making motions, of voting and of holding office.    SECTION 2: Applications for regular or auxiliary membership shall be submitted in writing to the executive board.  Recommendations for honorary membership shall be  submitted in writing to the executive board by any regular or auxiliary member. The executive board shall be empowered to accept or reject any such application or  recommendation. SECTION 3: The executive board may revoke the membership of a member for good and sufficient cause after that member has been given an opportunity to be heard.  ARTICLE V – DUES The annual dues shall be $30.00 for each regular member and $15.00 for each auxiliary member.  Dues shall be payable on June 1st of each year for the ensuing fiscal year.  On or before September 15th the treasurer shall give individual notice to each member whose dues remain unpaid.  Each member whose dues remain unpaid on December 1st shall be dropped from membership in the chapter.  The executive board may waive payment of dues upon request in appropriate cases when payment would create a hardship.  New members joining the chapter after February 1st may join by paying one-half of the annual dues for the remainder of that fiscal year. ARTICLE VI – MEETINGS SECTION 1: Each month, September through the following May, the chapter shall meet at such time and place as the executive board shall announce.  Members shall  be given advance notice of any matter which will require a vote.  SECTION 2: The regular meeting in April shall be the annual meeting and shall be for the purpose of electing officers, receiving reports of officers and committees and  for any other business which may arise.  The report of the nominating committee shall be received, and additional nominations from the floor shall be permitted. SECTION 3: Twenty-five members authorized to vote shall constitute a quorum.  Proxy voting  shall  not  be  permitted.      ARTICLE VII – OFFICERS SECTION 1: The elected officers shall be a president, a first vice president, a second vice president, a secretary and a treasurer, each of whom shall be a regular  member of the chapter. .In addition to the above named officers a maximum of three (3) Directors may be elected to also serve as voting  members of the Chapter  Executive Board. Directors will provide expertise and support to the Executive Board and assist as directed by the President.  These officers shall perform the duties  prescribed by these bylaws and by the parliamentary authority adopted by the chapter.   SECTION 2:  The elected officers and directors shall be elected by the regular members at the annual meeting.  Each elected officer shall be installed and take office at  the next meeting of the chapter and shall serve for the term of one year and until a successor is duly elected and installed.  SECTION 3:  No member shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive one-year terms as president.  SECTION 4:  A vacancy in the office of president shall be filled automatically by the first vice president.  A vacancy in the office of first vice president shall be filled  automatically by the second vice president.  Vacancies in other offices and directorships shall be filled by the executive board as appointments to serve until the next  regular election.        SECTION 5:  The president shall appoint a chaplain (who shall perform the usual duties of such office),  a historian (who shall prepare a narrative account of the  chapter's activities during his or her term of office) and a newsletter editor (who shall prepare a newsletter to be mailed to the members before  each  meeting  of  the   chapter).     ARTICLE VIII - EXECUTIVE BOARD SECTION 1:  The executive board shall be composed of the elective officers, directors and the two past presidents who served the chapter most recently as president.  The chaplain, historian, newsletter editor and chairpersons of active and standing committees, who are not members of the executive board, shall be given notice of  each meeting of the executive board and shall be entitled to attend.  SECTION 2:  The executive board shall have the supervision, control and direction of the affairs of the chapter, shall determine its policies or changes therein within the  limits of the by-laws, shall actively prosecute its purposes and shall have discretion in the disbursement of its funds.  It may adopt such rules and regulations for the  conduct of its business as may be deemed advisable and may, in the execution of the powers granted, appoint such agents as it may consider necessary.   SECTION 3:  Meetings of the executive board may be called by the president and shall be called upon the written request of three members of the board at  which a quorum shall be those members in attendance.  Proxy voting shall  not  be  permitted.  ARTICLE  IX – COMMITTEES SECTION 1:  The president, subject to the approval of the executive board, shall annually appoint standing and special committees as may be required by the bylaws or  are determined to be advisable.  Each uniformed service within the chapter's membership should be represented on each chapter committee if practical. SECTION 2:  The standing committees of the chapter shall include program (chaired by the first vice president), membership (chaired   by   the   second   vice    president), finance (chaired by the treasurer), calling, legislative, personal affairs, public relations and name tag committees. SECTION 3:  The program committee shall obtain educational or entertaining programs for each meeting of the chapter.  SECTION 4:  The membership committee shall conduct a program designed to obtain new members for the chapter and to retain members subject to being dropped for  non-payment of  dues.  SECTION 5: The finance committee shall prepare a budget for the fiscal year and submit it to the executive board by August 1st of each  year.      SECTION 6:  The calling committee, prior to each meeting, shall receive and obtain from each member the menu request of each individual planning to attend (if it is to  be a dinner meeting), and communicate such information to the person designated by the executive board.  The calling committee shall also contact the membership to  communicate announcements and/or requests for action as directed by the president  or  the  executive  board.  SECTION 7:  A nominating committee of three regular members not currently on the executive board, except for the past presidents, shall be appointed by February 1st  of each year to nominate candidates for the elective offices.  The nominating committee shall announce its nominations at the March  meeting.  SECTION 8:  An auditing committee of three regular members not currently on the executive board shall be appointed by March 1st of each year, whose duty it shall be  to audit the treasurer's accounts and report at the annual meeting.  SECTION 9:  The president shall be an ex-officio member of each committee except the nominating and  auditing  committees  ARTICLE X - KANSAS COUNCIL OF CHAPTERS, MOAA SECTION 1:  This chapter shall continue its membership in the Kansas Council of Chapters, The Military Officers Association of America, so long as the executive board  deems such membership to be in the best interests of this chapter.  Should the executive board decide to discontinue membership in said council, before such action is  taken, the membership of the chapter shall be given notice and an opportunity to vote and affirm or rescind such decision.       SECTION 2:  The chapter president may serve as this chapter's delegate to said council or may, subject to the approval of the executive committee, appoint a delegate  or delegates to represent the chapter at meetings of said council. SECTION 3:  The chapter's treasurer is authorized and directed to pay this chapter's annual dues and per capita assessment as prescribed by the bylaws of said council  so long as this chapter continues membership in said council . ARTICLE XI - PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITY The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the chapter in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they  are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the chapter may adopt.  ARTICLE XII - AMENDMENT OF BYLAWS These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote at any meeting of the chapter, provided a copy of any amendment proposed has been mailed to each regular  member at least 15 days before the meeting. * * * * *  We certify that the foregoing bylaws of Wichita Chapter, MOAA, were duly adopted by the chapter on 23 April 1993, amended by the chapter on 20 May 1994 and  further amended by the chapter on 28 April 1995, 3 March 2003,  25 January 2004, 24 January 2010 and 14 September 2012.  s/ WalterA.Nelson                   s/ C. “Terry” G. Berk  Walter A. Nelson                        C. “Terry” G. Berk MAJ USA-RET                           LTC USA-RET Secretary                                   President
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